Find the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape


(wide forehead and cheekbones; narrow chin)
Yes: Cat’s-eye, round.
No: Overly embellished glasses, says David Rose, designer for Salt Optics

   Audrey Sunglasses – Cat eye look  €14,90

    Harry Sunglasses – Round look €14,90

   Harry Sunglasses – Heavy Round €14,90

(long face; narrow chin and cheeks)
Yes: Oversize or wrap styles.
No: Frames that are too narrow for your face.

   Martin Sunglasses Brown – Heavy Sunglasses, now €10,43

  Marilyn Sunglasses Black – Oversize  €14,90

   Roy Sunglasses Black  – Square €14,90

(balanced forehead, cheekbones and jaw)
Yes: “Any shape works on you,” says Rose. Softly angular frames play up an oval face.

  Birdie Sunglasses – Cat eye colored  €14,90

    Grape Sunglasses – Color €14,90

  Johnny Sunglasses Peach – Summer Color now €10,43 was 14,90

(broad forehead; square jawline)
Yes: Round, oval, cat’s-eye
No: Sharp geometric shapes—they emphasize an angular profile

   Vegas Sunglasses now €10,43 was €14,90

   Tommy Sunglasses – Aviator style €14,90

  Lennon Sunglasses – Round frame  €14,90

(full cheekbones; narrow forehead and jaw)
Yes: Wide, rectangular frames.
No: Round frames or colored lenses, which exaggerate fullness.

   Steve Sunglasses Black   €10,43  was €14,90

  Tropical Sunglasses Flower €9,90

  Roy Sunglasses Brown  now €10,43  was 14,90

So which one is right for you?

Thanks to Oprah for the tips


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